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Silvia Damiani

Vice President of the Damiani Group and President of Venini

Silvia supervises all aspects of public relations and the images of the various brands of the Damiani Group. She received her Diploma in Gemology from the Italian Gemological Institute in 1987 and an IPSOA Masters Degree in Business Management in 1991. Working in the company since 1985, she and her brothers Guido and Giorgio head the company developing and evolving the business values and style that the Damiani Family is renowned for. The goldsmith workshop founded in Valenza by Enrico Grassi Damiani in 1924 has become over the years a modern company recognized worldwide for their unique creations. After Enrico’s death in 1955 his son Damiano, with his wife Gabriella, significantly expanded the company. Now in its third generation, with Silvia as their female image, Damiani is not just a Prestigious Jewelry Brand, but a company which promotes the Made In Italy in the world through the synergy of five other brands of excellence, each with its unique image: Salvini, Bliss, Calderoni, Rocca and Venini, the Murano Glass Company. Silvia Damiani over the years has developed and defined the image of the company through innovative strategies of international media and marketing that were revolutionary and avant-garde, enriching the elegant values, class and style for which the company is recognized worldwide. She lived in Los Angeles for over three years personally supervising relationships with Hollywood stars. She personally chose, as ambassadors of Damiani, celebrities such as Isabella Rossellini, Brad Pitt, Nastassja Kinski, Chiara Mastroianni, Milla Jovovich, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenifer Aniston: creating iconic images with international photographers including Peter Lindbergh, Fabrizio Ferri, Dominique Isserman, Sante D’Orazio and Greg Williams. Legendary campaigns include also Sharon Stone, with whom Damiani started a charity project to build water wells in Africa. Film Icon Sophia Loren, who is a great friend of the Damiani Family, has also been the image and inspiration of a special Sophia Loren Collection for Damiani. Silvia’s love for jewelry and her gemological expertise inspired her to create the Blue Moon Earrings: created in yellow and white gold with more than 13 carats of diamonds, this sublime work of beauty was awarded the 1996 Diamonds International Award for its innovative style. Her passion also spurred her to write the book “The Jewels”, which has been printed and reprinted in various languages. The book is a fascinating and instructive guide to the world of jewelry and offers advice and guidance for the reader to develop their own personal style. In 2020 the Damiani Group finalized their acquisition of Venini, the world famous Murano artistic glass company: Silvia Damiani became President of Venini to supervise and develop the brand and curate the artistic directions and partnerships as well as marketing and public relations.

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