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Originally set up to support global women leaders, Generation Female is taking our efforts to promote positive social change and responsible business practices to the next level, with the launch of the GENERATION IMPACT 2030™ ESG Certification.

We recognize that organizations play a critical role in driving positive change, sustaining responsible practices and generating measurable impact.

Our vision is to empower organizations with the right strategies and tools to strengthen inclusivity, responsibility and better governance as their foundations for forward-looking growth.


A leading global ESG assessment methodology and business certification standard.
It measures where companies stand in terms of environmental, social and governance and gives an opportunity to create an action plan and track the progress.

 Offers independent and verified certification of expertise in, commitment to and application of positive business practices and standards.

- More than just certificate, GENERATION IMPACT 2030 can serve as the foundation or roadmap for a company’s ESG Strategy and sustainability balance sheet.

Our certification provides a clear and powerful 3rd party validation of a company’s commitment to a positive impact and sustainable value creation. 

Discover how the Generation Impact 2030 Certification can benefit your organization by demonstrating a clear commitment to the key tenets of positive and sustainable change:

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Why is this important? 

Today’s public is increasingly discerning and demanding when it comes to looking at companies’ purpose, people and practices. They expect organizations to prioritize not only profit, but also a positive impact on society and the environment. The absence of defined CSR policies and goals reflect negatively on brand reputation, and reduce a company’s competitiveness. This is not simply a temporary trend but a permanent shift, and organizations need to take decisive steps if they do not wish to be left behind.

Companies must look beyond the short-term and the bottom-line, and instead shift their focus on long-term, sustainable value creation that emphasizes economic, social and environmental impact. New standards are required for organizations seeking to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s business landscape.

The Generation Impact 2030 Certification offers globally-recognized proof of expertise in ESG. It allows organizations a reliable and efficient way of benchmarking company standards and policies, enabling a clear understanding of where the organization stands and how far it needs to go. This sets the foundation and tone for organizations to identify a concise roadmap to achieve positive change, from evaluating and appointing the right talent to the adoption of new sustainability strategies. 

An effective ESG strategy and reporting framework will be essential for organizations looking to secure a leadership position in the markets of the future.

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Generation Impact 2030
measures ESG expertise

Based on third party audit review, Generation Impact 2030 certification can be issued from 1 of 4 levels.

he evaluation metrics have been organized under four pillars aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as principal ESG domains, and have been selected for their universality across industries, sectors and business models.

The certification levels are based on individual audit score:

81-100% success — level “Pro Distinction""

61 - 80% success — level “Distinction"

41 - 60% success — level “Merit"

21 - 40% success — level “Commitment”