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Divya Samtani

Founder, Savvy Sapiens

Divya is the founder of Savvy Sapiens, a personal and professional growth platform for young adults. Their mission is to help high school and university students tap into their true potential and prepare themselves for the 21st Century workplace through innovation and emotional intelligence training. Divya has spent the last decade working with the most cutting-edge start-ups and Fortune 500 companies across a variety of functions including communications and marketing, education, and community development. Throughout all of this, she has learned that the real key to success in such a rapidly accelerating world lies in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, and in cultivating core skills such as creative thinking, agility, resilience, and self-awareness. As such she is on a mission to bridge the gap between industry and schools, and to help the next generation harness these skills to feel more clear and confident about themselves and their future.

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