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UPS® Women Exporters Program Italia

The Women Exporters Program represents the Group's global effort to support female entrepreneurs around the world to improve their knowledge of export and logistics of shipments. How? By making its resources and know-how available, UPS can concretely help all these small and medium-sized companies to expand their presence in markets around the world.


To date, WEP has reached around 6,000 female entrepreneurs around the world and helped launch many new businesses. Today, the pandemic has significantly impacted the “pink” business segment, especially in Italy, and new tools are needed that allow today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurs to gather information and create the necessary connections to attract potential customers.


The Women Exporters Program focuses on the capacity building activities of entrepreneurs through an easy and immediate application dedicated training proposal, accessible upon registration, accompanied by a free dedicated consultation with our experts on possible solutions for their companies.


The courses will take place online starting October 26, through modules by UPS experts focused on each phase of the export and shipping process, providing basic notions and suggestions on how to plan and carry out your activities successfully, maximizing results and reducing costs. In particular, the lessons will focus on: customs regulation, management of export documents and costs related to access to new markets (tariffs, duties, excise duties); efficient management of freight forwarding and customs brokerage services; use of warehouse solutions to reduce costs and create economies of scale; management of logistics solutions for e-commerce; implementation of customer experience solutions.

The modules include case studies, examples and quizzes, and will be complemented by interventions or appointments with companies, experts and institutions and who collaborate with UPS by providing their expertise in export activities.


October 26 2021, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Module 1. Regulation and Tariffs

Exporting to a third country means dealing with systems of rules different from those we know. What do you must consider first if you want to broaden your horizons and reach buyers from other countries? What documents do you need? And what duties or tariffs will you have to respect? For each product there are different rules, classifications and costs, which can impact your business if not addressed with the right attention.
In this lesson our experienced UPS Brokerage will help you to clarify the acronyms and procedures to follow.

Topics covered: export process and impact of customs clearance costs; necessary documentation (commercial invoice, waybill, certificate of of origin), transport and delivery terms, INCOTERMS, customs duties, classification, value and origin of goods, dif- ference between registered and authorized exporters.

November 2 2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Module 2 – Freight Forwarders & Custom Brokers

Do you want to optimize the shipping process of your products in geographically distant markets? The solution is to rely on the cargo services of freight forwarders and customs brokers. These realities will allow you to grow your business faster by simplifying export activities. But how to choose the winning service? Which transportation method - air, road, sea - fits your business best? Our UPS Supply Chain Solutions experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of these operating models and help you understand how to choose the right service for your business.

Topics covered: freight forwarders types and services, the steps of a cargo shipment, role and activity of customs brokers, roles of Freight Forwarders and customs brokers, advantages and cost reduction related to the choice of selected shipping services.

November 9 2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Special Module –
ICE Agency to support exporting companies. Presentation of the services and tools

International markets, increasingly globalized and interconnected, offer multiple development opportunities for Italian companies. Digitization, global supply chains, the development of new technologies, have eliminated many obstacles to international trade, reducing transport costs and favoring an unprecedented exchange of information and knowledge, increasing the benefits of exports. Firms that operate abroad are more competitive than those that limit their business only to the domestic market. To deal with an export or internationalization process, it is necessary to define a strategy that can help the company to penetrate the market and achieve the economic and pro- duction objectives set. The next step to the decision to open up to new markets to expand your business is to invest in the know-how of techniques and methodologies through training courses for export and use of the various sup- ports for internationalization.

Topics covered: main tools offered by ICE with regards to information, assistance, consultancy, promotion and training for small and medium Italian companies.

November 16 2021, 
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Module 3 – Warehouses: a resource to reduce shipping costs

How much does it cost to export to distant areas, and how can large volumes be managed while reducing management costs? In this lesson UPS and its Contract Logistics and Operations experts will help you understand how important efficient warehouse management is and how this can help your business grow while reducing costs. According to the type of goods sold and the distance and Country of reference, different solutions are needed, which can turn into an economic advantage.

Topics covered: importance of the warehouse and its efficient management, types of warehouses, conditions and specifics for the sue of a warehouse, warehouse logistics, available solutions in the Italian market.

November 29 2021, 
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Module 4 – E-commerce logistics

What are the benefits of efficient logistics solutions combined with e-commerce? Now more than ever, companies are turning to e-commerce to sell their products directly to customers and take advantage of the online channel to export to new markets. Retailing through traditional channels and online retailing go hand in hand, but inefficient shipping can make you lose customer confidence and increase your management costs. In this webinar, organized by with our UPS Marketing and Operations experts, we discuss the most critical aspects and opportunities offered by e-commerce logistics.

Topics covered: importance of e-commerce in today’s business, types of online sales, management of the customer’s journey to purchase, type of shipping services to use for the web shop, e-commerce selling strategies.

December 6 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Module 5 – Improving Customer Experience

How can you improve loyalty of your customers in order to stabilize them over time? Being able to provide an excellent customer experience is essential for any business. Being known as a company able to offer not only excellent products or services, but also for customer management at all stages of the sale and purchase becomes a fundamental part of your corporate identity, giving your company a competitive advantage. This session therefore introduces what a customer experience is, why it is important and the strategies and tools to retain your customers and ensure their loyalty.

Topics covered: importance of the customer experience, definition of customer experience, differences between customer experience and customer journey, types of touch points, customization of shipping methods, post purchase follow up, loyalty strategies.
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