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Olga Magaletska

Head of the Office of the National Investment Council

Olga Magaletska

Since January 2017 Olga Magaletska is a co-founder of the Office of the National Investment Council under the protection of the President of Ukraine, and in December 2019 Olga became the Head of the Office.
The main goals of the Office are to promote Ukraine to attract foreign investments, to ensure high-level dialog with Government Stakeholders, and to launch legal initiatives which would significantly improve the investment climate.

In 2018-2019 Olga worked for Ukrnafta (part of state-owned Naftogaz) as a Head of Government Relations (GR). The strategic role was to develop cooperation with high-level stakeholders and key politicians and to improve regulations for the Oil&Gas sector.

During 2015-2017 she worked as an advisor at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Project Office of the National Reform Council as a Project Manager for investment promotion, responsible for investment strategy creation for Ukraine and for establishing a new Investment Promotion institution. Olga also is a co-author of the Law for limited liability companies.

In earlier years, 2009-2016, Olga Magaletska worked as Associate Vice President for Citibank and Raiffeisen Bank supervising various functions.

Olga is also highly interested in technology and innovations. Since 2013 she did several VC investments and became a co-founder of two startups in the education and IT education sphere.

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