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Denis Simonov

FoodTech Entrepreneur

Denis Simonov

Denis is now a sustainability FoodTech entrepreneur based in California, USA.

He graduated from Harvard Business School and Stockholm School of Economics. Denis has 20 plus years of global business leadership experience at Ford Motor Company, Herbalife, Philips, and Maersk, navigating uncertainty and risk and executing significant strategic and operational agendas calling for innovational changes.

As an entrepreneur, Denis founded Water Is Life, a Hong Kong mission-driven company helping smallholder farmers get access to efficient and sustainable agricultural technologies, financing, and markets, and in New York – Molecule Coffee, the world’s first sustainable nutrient-infused coffee company. It’s now available to purchase on Amazon platform.

Denis’ current focus is solving large-scale challenges such as climate change, deforestation, plastic contamination, animal cruelty, and malnutrition using breakthrough technological innovations and best entrepreneurial talents.

Besides being a Mentor at Stockholm School of Economics and an advisor at the Beall Applied Innovation accelerator at the University of California, Irvine, Denis is currently working on a California-based biotech startup focused on creating sustainable food solutions using precision fermentation technology.

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