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Autriel Galloway

Coach, Speaker,
Clarity Catalyst

Autriel Galloway

Autriel Galloway is an educator by trade and at heart. She enjoys taking what she has learned teaching students and leading teams to uplift and empower those in her sphere of influence.

As a coach, collaborator, and strategist, she has tirelessly supported students, families, teachers, and leaders over the last eight years in the pursuit of equity for all children and communities. She has learned to empathize with their fears, hear their visions, and coach them to success. Being a speaker and coach, Autriel brings those same gifts to her audiences and clients.

“Agency” is defined as the ability to act independently and make their own free choices. And Autriel is the Agency Activist. Through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and onstage speaking, Autriel clears the path for her audiences and clients to become their own change agents, helping them clarify their identities, align their vision, and activate their agency to lead themselves and others well.

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