Grazia Ofelia Cesaro

Lawyer, President of the UNCM
(National association of family and children lawyers), Vice-President of International Child Abduction Lawyers Italy,
Member of the Commission for International Relations of the Milan Bar
Founder and Head of Studio Legale Cesaro law firm in Milan

Grazia Ofelia Cesaro graduated cum laude , was admitted as a lawyer to the Milan Bar in 1992 and she was habilitated at defending before Higher Courts in Italy in 2006.
She also holds a Master's Degree of Specialization Degree in Clinical Criminology.
Her fields of expertise involve international and national family law, juvenile and child's law, and protection of vulnerable individuals. She has been lecturer in conferences, roundtables and training courses in the fields of family law and juvenile law, both in Italy and abroad.
Grazia Cesaro is also author and editor of several scientific publications - both articles and books - in these fields. She is often appointed as children's guardian ad litemby judicial authorities and children's defendant by public entities. She is a member of IAFL (the International Academy of Family Lawyers) and Reunite International and expert appointed by the Italian Government for the International Adoption Commission; as well as Grazia is the Founder and presiding head of Studio Legale Cesaro, a law firm based in Milan specilizing in national and international family law and juvenile law.